Saturday, 3 June 2017

ASK THE DOCTOR - Helping Relieve Sexual Tension

A friend of mine — a single mother — has a physically challenged son suffering from cerebral palsy. She wants to know if it is OK for her to masturbate her son as he is unable to do so himself. Is it OK for relatives/siblings to help relieve sexual tension by masturbation? If not, what is the correct solution?

ASK THE DOCTOR - Helping Relieve Sexual Tension

It is absolutely not advisable for relatives to masturbate the physically challenged person suffering from cerebral palsy. Only he can know his sexual needs, their nature and their intensity, if at all. His ability to understand his sexual needs and the necessity to relive his sexual needs cannot be assessed or guessed by anyone from outside. He may or may not be experiencing any such need physiologically. If an erection is noticed in such an individual, it need not always be a sign of sexual arousal. An erection can happen periodically in men irrespective of sexual urges. You may confuse and even torment the physically challenged person by attempting to masturbate him.

This situation can also be taken advantage of by a ‘sick’ relative who may be carrying a fetish similar to pedophilia and may sexually abuse the child under the garb of relieving the child’s sexual tension. The sexual tension built in a person does get relieved naturally through periodic nocturnal emissions.

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