Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Erectile Dysfunction after surgery

I am 62-years-old. I got myself operated for prostate last year. After the operation I have almost lost the ability to get an erection. My erection was satisfactory before this operation. Will I ever get my ability to get erection back? What can be done to get my erectile function as it was before the operation.
- A Shah 

A prostate removal surgery such as ‘Radical Prostatectomy’ can cause injury to the pelvic nerves resulting into neurogenic erectile dysfunction. The incidence of erectile dysfunction after Radical Prostatectomy depends on whether a ‘nerve-sparing’ surgical procedure was performed. Reported rates of Erectile Dysfunction after bilateral nervesparing radical prostatectomy range from 18 to 82 per cent. Other factors related to disease or surgery can also affect erectile function. It will be worthwhile discussing your post-operative erectile dysfunction status with the surgeon who operated on your prostate. I think your surgeon is the best person to guide you through your present dilemma. 

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