Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Tiny Balloons Solve Prostate Problem?

Tiny Balloons Solve Prostate Problem

Two implants have been developed which could cure a distressing side-effect of prostate cancer surgery — incontinence. A study shows seven out of ten men implanted with one of the new devices no longer had the problem.

Incontinence is a complication of radical prostatectomy surgery, one of the main forms of surgery to treat the disease. Research suggests as many as 21% of those who have it are incontinent three months later. It is estimated one in ten do not respond to conventional incontinence treatments. But it is hoped the new implants will change that. The implant by Uromedica use fluid-filled balloons to boost muscles around the bladder to prevent leakage. It takes just 30 minutes to implant and is held in place naturally.

The second implant, from Uroplasty, involves injection of tiny silicon particles into the same area which cause the bladder-neck to close to relieve Urinary Incontinence. The Uromedica technology has 2 balloons connected to a titanium port by tubing. A balloon is placed either side of the bladder neck. They are then inflated with a liquid so they are firm enough.


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