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Communicating well with your doctor is very important for proper treatment but many people feel shy. Read on and find out what you should keep in mind when you go for a check-up

When it comes to the care and maintenance of your own body many of us either wait too long to seek medical help or become conscious while telling the doctor about the problem. Fear, embarrassment and lack of assertiveness result in communication breakdown that can jeopardise your health even more. But you should not wait too long. Keep these things in mind while going to the doctor.


You know your body the best so you can easily make out when you are about to get a cold, have a splitting headache or if you pull a muscle. But what if you experience something you’ve never had before or if a condition seems to persist longer than you remember it did the last time. Then it is clear that you need to visit the doctor as soon as you can.


Many people feel awkward or shy when the doctor examines them, even when they are fully clothed. They feel awkward discussing the irregularities of certain body functions and especially on matters related to sex. What they fail to recognise is that not only have doctors seen a lot of naked people during the course of their practice but they have also treated whatever problem is currently causing such embarrassment. If you are really feeling uncomfortable describing your symptoms to the doctor then write them down before you go, along with the specific questions that are concerning you. Your practitioner will be sensitive to your feelings in this regard and can then proceed to ask you questions that will minimise your having to talk.


The purpose of a medical examination is to see how your body is functioning and to diagnose the problem. Some people are so shy that they lie during the test. For example some people visit the eye doctor and tell the doctor they can see clearly even if they are not able to. This should be avoided. It is very important for you to be honest with your doctor because he is the one who will treat your illness. Lying to him or hiding things from him can worsen your problem. If your physician asks you something make sure you are honest because you are giving him critical information that will yield the right cure. And remember that there is nothing you can tell them that they haven’t heard before.


Doctors don’t really mean to intimidate us but somehow they always do. In the course of describing your condition and how they plan to treat it, they may use complicated medical terms that you may not follow. If you are confused about something or you have not followed what they are saying then ask them to repeat it in simple terms. Ask the doctor to explain to you the condition in detail so that you are aware of what is wrong with you. The same goes with understanding the particulars of taking a prescription drug. If the dosage instructions aren’t clear or if warnings aren’t heeded they can end up doing more harm rather than good. As far prescriptions go, be sure to read that small print on the label before you ever leave the drug store and ask the pharmacist or doctor to explain anything you don’t understand or that isn’t addressed. You have to be careful about this factor.


If you are not happy with the way your doctor is treating your problem or if it is of sufficient seriousness to warrant a second opinion. Don’t feel shy about asking for a referral. Many patients are hesitant to do this in person out of fear that they will offend their doctor. Your doctor is as concerned as you are about establishing a good relationship with you so if you don’t trust the doctor there is no point going to him. You will tend to resist his/her recommendations and hence not get cured soon. If you want a second opinion, you are entitled to one and should not be hesitant about inquiring about another doctor.

Whatever you do remember one thing – don’t feel shy of your doctor because at the end of the day you are trusting him with your life.

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