Wednesday, 10 May 2017

ASK THE DOCTOR - Can Women Experience an Orgasm Through Masturbation?

Male masturbation is often discussed in books and magazine articles, but female masturbation is never spoken or written about. Kindly explain how women masturbate? Do they insert any object in the vagina? Can they experience an orgasm through masturbation?
- R Pinto

ASK THE DOCTOR - Can Women Experience an Orgasm Through Masturbation?

Women and girls masturbate in many different ways. They may either knead their clitoris with their fingers or massage their vulva against something like a pillow or a bolster, soft edges of furniture or stuffed toys. Some women use a water spray, vibrators, dildos or some other sex-toys to stimulate the sensitive areas of their vulva. The vagina plays a minor role in the masturbation practices of women, however vaginal insertion is by no means unusual, uncommon or rare. Just as in men, fantasy commonly plays a key role in a woman’s masturbation activities. The brain is the most important and primary sexual organ and as a result physical stimulation alone is often not adequate to achieve orgasm. If care is taken to maintain hygiene, and if self-stimulation is done gently without causing any injury to the genitalia, and if it is done in privacy, then it is a harmless activity, which helps release the sexual tension in women in the absence of a partner.

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