Friday, 12 May 2017

ASK THE DOCTOR - First Time Anxiety

I am frightened of having sex with a man. I fear that I will freeze up and freak out and not perform on my part. When having sex for the first time, does it hurt when the man breaks the hymen?
- Nisha

ASK THE DOCTOR - First Time Anxiety 

Sex is not about performance. Sex is a continuation of the communication you have with your partner. Yes it may hurt the first time, however this is transient. Moreover, it can be greatly minimised by helping each other relax, and if adequate foreplay is done to prepare each other for intercourse. A good foreplay in a relaxed atmosphere produces good amount of lubrication at the vagina, and that minimises the pain. Do choose a partner who you trust, feel comfortable with, and with whom you can communicate. Sex is really more about intimacy. Sex just for the sake of sex is somewhat empty. If you love him it is easier.

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