Sunday, 7 May 2017

ASK THE DOCTOR - What is Molestation?

What is the meaning of molestation? What is the difference between sexual abuse, sexual harassment and rape? What are various behaviours, which come under these? I have undergone a horrendous incident when I was eight. An elderly man touched my private area (genital area) while he was handling his own genitals during a travel. Can you explain this behaviour?
- Subhadra

ASK THE DOCTOR - What is Molestation?

Molestation is touching a woman who is not your wife without her consent. It is punishable as per the section 354 of the Indian Penal Code (1860). As per sections 375 and 376 of IPC, it is rape when intercourse (penetration) is performed on a woman (who is not your wife) against her wish. If the consent for intercourse is taken under threat, or in an intoxicated state or under disguise, still such an intercourse is considered as rape. Intercourse with a woman (who is not your wife) below the age of 16 even with her consent is considered as rape as per the Indian Penal Code. If your wife is below the age of 15, then intercourse even with her consent is legally regarded as rape. Sexual abuse means forced sexual intimacy, with or without penetration, with a person of any age and sex, against her/his wish. Sexual harassment is a phrase used when a woman is psychologically pressurised or tortured, using one’s position, forcing her to give her consent for sexual favours. A man who touched you when you were eight, must have been a sexual pervert suffering from pedophilia.

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