Monday, 15 May 2017

ASK THE DOCTOR - Painful Intercourse

I am an 17-year-old girl. I have tried for the first time to have sexual intercourse with my boyfriend but just as he tries to insert his penis in my vagina, I get an extremely severe pain — so I ask him to stop. Please tell me, is it normal to have so much pain during penetration? Is it safe to let him continue the act anyway, irrespective of my pain?
- Kajal K

ASK THE DOCTOR - Painful Intercourse

Many girls unconsciously carry an apprehension about penetrative sexual intercourse and therefore are unable to comfortably respond during the first few experiences of intercourse. This may also happen because her emotional involvement in this relationship is not yet ‘ripe’. If there is unbearable pain, do not force yourself into the act. You may cause harm/injury to yourself. A tight hymen also can cause this problem. For this, you require an examination by a gynecologist.

Also remember that there is always the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy and STD once you go all the way, even if you are using contraception.

You are just 17. Don’t rush things. Grow and relax in this relationship. Know each other better. Sex will be more comfortable and pleasurable as you and your relationship matures.

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