Thursday, 19 January 2017

ASK THE DOCTOR - ‘How does a vacuum suction device work?’

For erectile dysfunction (ED), some sexologists advise a ‘vacuum suction device’. How do they work? Are there any side effects of using such a device? 
- Jayant 

A vacuum suction device (VSD) is also called a ‘penile pump’. It was designed to help those men whose erections are not firm, or not as firm as it used to be earlier, to make it possible for them to penetrate the vagina and perform sexual intercourse. A vacuum suction device is a good option for men in this situation. However, if the device is not used properly, it can cause serious loss of sensations, loss of penile skin, and even gangrene. If you are having difficulty with an erection — and this is a problem for you, I suggest that you consult a qualified sexologist who can assess, among other things, your penile blood flow. The VSD is only a temporary solution to erectile dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction is a treatable condition in a majority of cases, and you should approach a sexologist for help.

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