Tuesday, 24 January 2017

ASK THE DOCTOR - Unsuccessful Attempt at Sex

I have been married for the last two years after a passionate-but-no-sex six month affair. In these two years, my husband and I have attempted sex exactly six to seven times, but because it was so painful and unsuccessful, it was a total turn-off. Now my husband feels so repulsed at the very mention of sex, also he says he that has to force himself to feel attracted towards me. I still feel attracted and turned on by him. His private area is a ‘prohibited zone’ when it comes to me. He is addicted to masturbation and he says he’s quite comfortable relieving himself this way. I’ve totally lost interest in relieving myself on my own. He doesn’t help either. He has also begun calling me a child-wife although I’m nearing 30. Please help.
- Manju

It is sad that your sexual relationship is in a mess today. It seems that it all started with painful and unsuccessful attempts at the initial stage of your relationship. That has put your husband totally off towards you, as far as a sexual relationship with you is concerned. You seem to have carried the fear of penetration, which resulted in a clenching up of your body during intimacy, and when one is tense, the lubrication is insufficient, and thus the pain, which merely serves to reinforce the fear of penetration. This becomes a vicious cycle. Your husband on the other hand was afraid of causing you pain when you might have resisted, and his fear due to your apprehension kept him away resulting in his seeking sexual release through masturbation which he now finds as a comfortable outlet as he does not want to have to encounter your apprehensions and be responsible for causing you any pain. Neither of you can be blamed for this situation completely. It happened due to a lack of proper knowledge (sex education) on the part of both of you. Both of you were either uninformed or ill-informed about the physical as well as psychological (emotional) aspects of a healthy sexual relationship. That made both of you commit major mistakes during your early attempts at intercourse. This situation can now be rectified through a series of ‘sex counselling’ sessions for both of you. This requires a willingness on the part of both of you to attend such counselling sessions together. Do consult a senior sex counsellor as a couple for professional help. Strictly avoid more attempts and self-help. That may worsen the situation.

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