Tuesday, 7 February 2017

ASK THE DOCTOR - ‘Is Loss of Semen Harmful?’

Is it harmful in any way to lose semen is sleep or through masturbation? Does it affect the sexual or physical health of a man? Please answer in detail.
- Javed

Semen is simply a mixture of the products of three glands. Secretions of the seminal vesicles constitute 60 per cent of semen, and the secretions of the prostate gland constitute 30 per cent of the semen. Sperms constitute only 10 per cent of the semen quantity. These glands function throughout your life and continue to be capable of producing their secretions. Some boys worry that if they ejaculate too often, they will reduce the amount of semen in their body. They worry that they may run out of semen and won’t have enough when they need it. This can NEVER happen. A man will make sperms and semen from the start of puberty till his dying day.

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