Thursday, 9 February 2017

ASK THE DOCTOR - Male Sexuality and Female Sexuality?

Can you describe the difference between male sexuality and female sexuality?
- Miranda

Male sexuality is body oriented. Men get sexually attracted to the body of a woman. They need not have any love for her. That is why men go to prostitutes and are interested in seeing the woman’s anatomy displayed in ads, movies, magazines etc. As against this, female sexuality is very heart oriented.

The woman gets sexually attracted to a man only when she loves him. Just a handsome, muscular look may draw her attention but is not enough for her to get sexually aroused or attracted to the man. It is said that ‘man gives love to get sex and woman gives sex to get love’.

However, it may be noted that all men do not have male sexuality in them, they could be having female sexuality i.e. such men would be heart oriented and sensitive. They would need love as a base for a sexual relationship. Likewise, all women do not have

female sexuality within them. Such women would be body oriented and get sexually attracted merely by the physique of the man. (thus the presence of gigolos i.e. male prostitutes and magazines displaying the bare male anatomy)

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