Friday, 10 February 2017

ASK THE DOCTOR - What is Meant by ‘Cervical Erosion’?

What is meant by ‘Cervical erosion’? Kindly give reasons and treatment for the same.
- K. Androth

Cervical erosion (also known as Cervicitis) is often caused by infection, but also sometimes by a foreign body (IUD string, Tampon etc) or chemicals. It causes heavy vaginal discharge, sometimes with foul odor. The discharge may range from yellow, gray, brown to even green, occasionally with a tinge of blood. Pain may be experienced during intercourse or when the cervix is touched with a tampon. It is advisable to ascertain the cause of the infection, which could be Bacteria (Gonorroea, Chlamydia etc), Fungus or Trichomonas Vaginalis infestation. The PAP Smear test should also be done to rule out any precancerous condition. Once the cause is identified, specific treatment can be administered. In cases where the condition persists, ‘Electro or Diathermy Cauterization’, laser or cryosurgery may be considered, which destroys the abnormal tissue on the surface and induces healing and growth of new tissue.

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